Speaking at a Christian Democratic Union (CDU) regional conference in Neumünster on Friday, Merkel said that around 60,000 of those deported will return to their home countries through voluntary repatriation programs, while around one-third will face compulsory deportations, Die Welt newspaper reported. 
Those returning home under repatriation programs will reportedly be given a plane ticket and an unspecified amount of start-up aid to be used once they have settled back into their nations of origin.
Speaking particularly of Afghanistan, Merkel noted that “it cannot be that all young people from Afghanistan come to Germany.”
Merkel also urged federal states to do their part to deport rejected asylum-seekers during her Friday speech in Neumünster.
It is not the first time that Merkel – who just days ago announced she would be seeking a fourth term as chancellor – has stressed the need for repatriation for those whose asylum applications have been rejected.
Speaking to conservative members …