But the company is facing criticism after pulling out of Fairtrade chocolate in favour of its own “sustainability programme”.
The Fairtrade Foundation, which awards the special status to products that meet strict criteria such as paying farmers a minimum price for cocoa, also claimed it was an “exciting development” which would “empower” more poor communities. But critics described it as the great “Cadbury’s fudge”.
Dairy Milk and other products will no longer be recognised as Fairtrade chocolate and will carry the logo of Mondel?z’s “Cocoa Life” scheme, which it says will involve investing millions of dollars in poor communities, on the front of packets.
But it will still carry the Fairtrade logo on the back as part of a “partnership” with the foundation which will monitor its work.
David Marshall, founder of the Meaningful Chocolate Company, a small British Fairtrade-only producer, said: “We are shocked by this move. It feels like a classic Cadbury’s …