A wedding cake at the wedding exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland, pictured on January 9, 2016. (KEYSTONE/Christian Beutler) Hochzeitstorten an der Hochzeits- und Festmesse in Zuerich am 09. Januar 2016. (KEYSTONE/Christian Beutler)

On Sunday, Zurich voters overwhelmingly rejected a move to define marriage in the constitution as between a man and a woman only. The initiative was considered a reaction against liberal attitudes towards gay marriage. More than 80% of voters turned it down.
The initiative was proposed by an ultra-conservative Christian party, the Federal Democratic Union, which wanted the following phrase to be anchored in the Zurich cantonal constitution: “Marriage is defined as a lasting and legally regulated cohabitation between a man and a woman”.
The initiative was opposed by both the cantonal parliament and government. The cantonal government argued that on a legal level, the regulation of matrimonial law was actually a federal issue, not a cantonal one. Turnout for the vote was 45.2%.
Meanwhile, plans for a second national park in a mountainous corner of Switzerland have been voted down by the communities affected. Only eight of 17 municipalities backed the local citizens’ initiative …