Thousands of residents of Aleppo, Syria are fleeing the city and becoming displaced as the Syrian army advances into the rebel-held areas of the city. The offensive could be a major victory for Bashar al-Assad, the embattled President of Syria.
According to Reuters, the offensive into Aleppo, Syria began Saturday when the Syrian army and allied forces seized the Hanano housing district on the front lines of Eastern Aleppo. On Sunday, the Syrian forces claimed to have taken a neighboring district, Jabal Badro, and to have made significant advances into other areas of Aleppo. The current push by the Assad forces were preceded by heavy air strikes over the last several weeks from both Syrian and Russian planes. Russia is a staunch ally of the Assad regime in Syria.
“The shelling and aerial bombing does not stop and we [and] our neighbors decided to leave with the army approaching,” said Abdullah Ansari, …