An elderly amateur pilot who went missing for a second time while attempting to fly the length of Africa with no radio or navigational equipment has been found safe in South Sudan. 
Maurice Kirk, 72, a former vet and drinking partner of Oliver Reed, was taking part in the Vintage Air Rally, which runs from Crete to Cape Town over five weeks. 
He went missing on Friday after departing Ethiopia in his light aircraft, Liberty Girl, a 1943 Piper Cub aeroplane Mr Kirk claims was flown by General George Patten in the Second World War. 
But his plane became lost and Mr Kirk was out of contact with the rally organisers.
However, on Saturday, the rally’s Facebook page posted a message saying Mr Kirk was alive and well, albeit in one of the most unstable countries in Africa. 
“Maurice is safe!” the post said. “We heard he had an engine failure and landed (not at …