We’ve written about why scientists believe Mars is one of the places in our solar system most likely to have alien life. There are a few reasons, but it’s mostly about water and what that can support. They’ve found signs of deltas, gullies and rivers that most likely existed in the past, and now another discovery is offering strong support that there was once life on Mars.
Scientists at Arizona State University recently announced they’ve discovered potential biosignatures (essentially more advanced, telling versions of fossils) on Earth that have “remarkably similar features” to some the 2007 Spirit rover found on Mars. They published a report in the scientific journal Nature Communications last week.
Authors Steven W. Ruff and Jack D. Farmer, who are both scientists at ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration, studied outflows from hot springs in El Tatio, Chile. The springs are located near the edge of the Atacama Desert, which has striking similarities to the …