Hundreds of thousands have rallied in South Korea for what is thought to be the largest protests so far demanding President Park Geun-hye steps down.
Ms Park is accused of allowing her friend, Choi Soon-sil, to manipulate power from behind the scenes.
The president has apologised twice on national television, but has so far resisted calls to resign.
Organisers said 800,000 had gathered in the centre of the capital Seoul alone by Saturday evening.
They estimate 1.5 million will join by the end of the night, with 500,000 to turn out in other regions.
About 25,000 police are being deployed in the capital, local media report.
The protests, which began five weeks ago, are the largest in South Korea since pro-democracy demonstrations of the 1980s.
Those attending on Saturday came from a cross-section of South Korean society, with farmers, Buddhist monks and university students all involved.
“I was watching the news and thought this cannot go on – …