MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Two Russian Emergencies Ministry Be-200 amphibious aircraft will be dispatched to Israel to help extinguish wildfires raging since the start of the week, the ministry said Thursday.
“On behalf of the Russian President and in accordance with Israel’s request, the Russian Emergencies Ministry sends to Israel two BE-200ChS amphibious aircraft and a task force to extinguish wildfires,” a ministry spokesperson said.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had requested Russia’s assistance in a phone call with President Vladimir Putin in battling the wildfires, the Kremlin said earlier in the day.
Netanyahu warned on Wednesday that wildfires could expand on Thursday as strong winds are expected overnight.
It is a very “black Friday” for some, after at least four people were shot across the nation during holiday sales events. Three separate shootings outside of stores led to two deaths, and two more hospitalized. Multiple fights at other stores were also captured on witness videos.
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