Most pro-Park lawmakers boycotted a party meeting on how to deal with the impeachment motion led by the opposition parties, making it a half-member gathering, Friday. Only about 60 of 128 lawmakers appeared, underscoring a widening gap between pro-Park and anti-Park members.
With the ruling bloc failing to find a breakthrough amid the corruption scandal involving the President and her confident Choi Soon-sil, Park’s approval rating fell to as low 4 percent, an all-time low for elected Presidents in South Korean history. And the support rate of the Saenuri Party also stood at 12 percent, a record-low in the party’s history, according to the latest Gallup poll.
The plunging approval ratings for both the President and the governing party are expected to escalate conflicts in the imploding ruling side, with the two Park factions colliding head-on over the move to impeach her.
With disgruntled pro-Park lawmakers absent from the meeting, floor leader …