A fire burns as firefighters battle to control a fire that broke out in the Israeli town of Nataf, west of the Arab Israeli town of Abu Ghosh, along the border with the occupied West Bank on November 25, 2016. Foreign firefighting planes helped Israel tackle a wave of wildfires that have forced tens of thousands to flee their homes, as police announced a dozen related arrests. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel had also accepted pledges of support from Arab neighbours Jordan and Egypt, though the two governments declined to comment. / AFP / AHMAD GHARABLI (Photo credit should read AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP/Getty Images)

An Israeli rabbi issued a ruling on Friday saying it was kosher to break the Sabbath to shoot Arab arsonists setting wildfires in the Holy Land.
Shmuel Eliyahu, chief rabbi of the northern city of Safed, was asked if the Jewish day of religious observance and abstinence from work beginning Friday evening may be desecrated to stop the suspected firebugs.
“By a miracle people have not been burned alive, but we are not supposed to rely on miracles,” Eliyahu wrote on Facebook, Israel news site Ynet reported.
“It’s certainly permitted and commanded to violate Shabbat to stop the fire and the arsonists. And if necessary, also to shoot them,” he wrote.
The rabbi added that if authorities would have shot those who set blazes in the northern cities of Haifa and Carmiel, as well as the religious community of Beit Meir near Jerusalem, “we would have been spared from this disaster.”
“I hope that the …