Reports emerged this week the billionaire founder of Corona beer had bequeathed $284 million of his fortune to the humble Spanish village he was born in, turning each of its residents into instant multi-millionaires upon his recent death.
Antonino Fernandez, who was born in poverty in the Spanish village of Cerezales del Condado in 1917, apparently didn’t forget his roots after emigrating to Mexico to make his beer fortune. The mogul was reported to have left each of the 80 people in the village $3.36 million in his will prior to his death in August at the age of 99.
But in news sure to disappoint everyone — not least those villagers — it turns out Fernandez did no such thing, the communications director for the town’s cultural centre confirmed.
“I’m afraid I have to deny this specific fact, the information that has been published is not correct,” Lucía Alaejos from the Fundanción …