Fires have broken out from the north to the south in the last two days. The Israel Police is saying that “a wave of arson has befallen Israel” after 220 fires were reported during these past few days. The Israel Police has not ruled out arson as the cause of many of these fires. Thus, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan and Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh have decided to drastically increase police patrols and border police presence in forests as a means of deterrence and to strengthen the quick identification of the arsonists.
According to the latest data, 189 of the fires broke out in open fields. The fire air fleet has completed 107 missions during 75 flight hours, dumping 50 tons of extinguishing powders.
This evening, firefighting units were called to an IDF post in Neve Yair-Halmish after a thorn bush fire broke out nearby, spreading to the post. An evacuation …