Police in Indonesia have arrested a suspected Islamist militant for making explosives to be used in a string of attacks, including one on the Myanmar Embassy in Jakarta.
National Police spokesman Rikwanto said Saturday that 23-year-old Rio Priatna Wibawa was believed to be linked to Bahrun Naim, an Indonesian group that supports the so-called “Islamic State” (IS).
Wibawa is a dropout from an agricultural university and received funding from radicalized Indonesians in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Taiwan and was working under Bahrun Naim, according to Rikwanto.
Seized bomb-making materials included RDX, a component in plastic explosives, TNT, HMTD, an explosive peroxide and gunpowder. The amount of explosives seized from Wibawa’s home in Majalengka town could have resulted in an explosion more than twice as powerful as the bombing that killed 202 people in a Bali nightclub in 2002.
Another police spokesman said Wibawa was going to use the explosives in attacks on government buildings in December. Other potential targets included the parliament …