Ammunition containing the chemical agent was reportedly used in a devastating attack on a village in the Aleppo province conducted back in September.
“An express-analysis of the contents [of ammunition] carried out using a portable infrared spectrometer revealed the presence of vesicant chemical warfare agent sulfur mustard. We’ve taken roughly a 20 milliliter sample from the shell. Afterwards it was sealed tight and delivered to the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in the Syrian Arab Republic for further investigation,” a representative for Russian Troops of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense (RChBD) told journalists.
The recovered chemical round is a crude homemade 240-mm mortar shell, with a capsule in the rear. The capsule contained from 0.5 to 1.5 liters of a black oily liquid, which proved to be a chemical warfare agent.
Over 40 people were injured in the attack they displayed typical symptoms of mustard gas poisoning.
Russian experts previously produced evidence …