When it comes to Fidel Castro, they will never forgive or forget. 
Cuban-Americans and expats filled the street of Miami’s Little Havana to celebrate the death of the longtime Cuban leader as word of the Communist former president’s demise sparked unrestrained jubilation.
“I have so much joy,” said Alex Pineiro, 32, who fled 16 years ago from Castro’s Cuba. “My family is from Cuba and my descendants were killed by Fidel Castro. My grandfather was in jail for 10 years — a political prisoner.”
Generations of anti-Castro revelers flooded the streets early Saturday, banging spoons on pots and waving Cuban flags. Car horns honked madly, and fireworks exploded in the Florida skies to a soundtrack of blaring salsa music.
Cuban-Americans in Union City celebrate death of Fidel Castro
“Cuba si! Castro no!” the crowd chanted in unison.
“Cuba libre!” rose another refrain …