On Thursday over 2,000 asylum seekers clashed with police at a migrant camp in Harmanli, southern Bulgaria, angry at being told they were not allowed to leave. Some 250 police officers were deployed to the scene as the rioters set car tires, mattresses, furniture and buildings on fire.
Twenty-four officers were injured by stones thrown by the migrants, and water cannon was deployed. Over 400 rioters were arrested.
PM Boyko Borisov, who had to cancel a planned trip to Hungary, later arrived on the scene. “I am very worried … you see there is no window left unbroken. The people who committed these acts of vandalism will be brought to justice,” said Borisov, as quoted by Reuters.
“Based on an agreement between the European Union and Afghanistan we have asked for a plane to start extraditing people there in early December. As for the rest, all who have acted brutally and violated public …