The government has temporarily decided to “raise to €2,500 the maximum amount of return aid” to foreigners (excepting those from the European Union or visa-exempt countries) who agree to voluntarily return to their home country, said Didier Leschi, the head of France’s immigration office, as cited by AFP. 
In addition to having their air fare paid for, migrants will also be eligible to receive “up to €10,000” in financial aid to help them get set up on arriving home.
“Depending on the country, it can help them start up a small business,” Leschi noted.
The basic €650 allowance has been significantly raised in recent months – after being increased by €350 in October, it got a lavish €1,850 boost in November.
This exceptional offer comes after the ‘Jungle’ camp, a makeshift shelter in Calais housing thousands of African and the Middle Eastern migrants, was demolished last month, forcing the evacuation of some 7,000 asylum seekers …