OSCE observers inspect a line of tanks withdrawn from the frontline near Luhansk, eastern Ukraine, Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015. The separatist rebels, like government forces, pull back heavy weaponry to comply with last month's agreement. (AP Photo/Max Black)

Pakistan is keen to modernise and repair its armour in Ukraine
On November 23rd, Ukraine and Pakistan signed a memorandum on expanding cooperation with their defence industries. According to the document signed by Ukrspecexport agency and Heavy Industries Taxila corporation, the Pakistani announced new contracts on technical support and modernization of tanks and other armoured vehicles at the Ukrainian defence enterprises.
The total amount of costs for maintenance works for Ukrainian enterprises constitutes up to USD 600 million, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence notes.
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The Ukraine’s defence department did not mention specific kinds of  Pakistani forces armoured arsenal to be modernised and repaired in Ukraine. The country’s huge Army Armoured Corps mostly operates the Chinese-produced Type 96, Type 85, Type 59 and Type 53 tanks …