The UK is a European hotspot for cocaine use and gonorrhoea, a new report suggests.
Across Europe, 1.9% of young adults aged 15 to 34 report using cocaine in the last year. But in the UK this figure stands at 4.2%, according to the Health at a Glance: Europe 2016 report from the European Commission and the OECD.
“Cocaine is the most commonly used illicit stimulant in Europe,” the authors wrote. “About 2% of young adults aged 15 to 34 report having used cocaine in the last year.
“The percentage of young adults consuming cocaine is highest in the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands, with 3% or more of young adults having used cocaine at least once in the last year.”
Meanwhile in 2014, reported rates of gonorrhoea were highest in the UK, the authors found. Out of every 100,000 people in the British population, 60 were found to have the sexually transmitted …