Two London police officers have been “viciously” attacked by a group of up to 30 schoolchildren.
Scotland Yard said the Metropolitan Police officers were on a routine patrol in Lewisham when they approached the children and “noticed a large knife being concealed by a young male”.
They attempted to search the boy but one of the officers was punched in the face several times by the other children, causing him to fall to the ground.
His female colleague then stepped in to help but was she too was punched in the jaw.
The male officer was taken to hospital with “serious bruising” after the youths repeatedly kicked him in the head while he was lying in the floor.
Police said a 15-year-old male was arrested at the scene on suspicion of actual bodily harm and has since been bailed to a date in mid-December.
The attack took place on 9th November at around 4.00pm and detectives have …