A draft energy blueprint released on Tuesday postpones the nuclear option by seven years to 2037, in favor of initial capacity investments in gas, photovoltaic solar, wind and hydro power to supplement existing baseload power provision.
The government projects that by 2030, 1 gigawatt (GW) of power will be generated by hydro power and by 2050, over a third of installed capacity would be from wind and solar power.
The energy plan will be refined in March next year and then submitted to the cabinet for final sign-off.
Back to an earlier plan
Under the proposed new timeline, a new nuclear power plant – the country’s second – is expected to come on stream in 2037, with a total 20,385 megawatts of nuclear energy – a rise in nuclear power output of 1,359 megawatts (MW) – added to the national grid by 2050.
That is according to the “base case” scenario outlined in a presentation on the Department of Energy’s updated …