A new species of spider has been discovered with a novel way of keeping its presence under wraps. So subtle is the newly found creature that you could mistakenly pluck it from a nearby tree with no idea it was an arachnid until you had a handful of spider.
Rather than hanging out all day on a web the new spider instead disguises itself as a leaf. The masquerade is so convincing, the spider has even grown a ‘tail’ to mimic a stalk.
Matjaž Kuntner, of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, came across the spider while in China’s Yunnan province.
With his fellow researchers, Dr Kuntner was shining his torch light at spider silk strands when he came across a patch of odd looking leaves.
“If there’s a web, there’s a spider,” he said.
As they investigated, the team found what they suspected to be an entirely new type of spider and the …