Next year France will send 300 servicemen, 5 Leclerc tanks and 13 infantry combat vehicles to Estonia, as stated on Saturday by the Minister of Defense of France, Jean Yves Le Drianto, and the Minister of Defense of Estonia, Hannes Hanso, at a meeting of the security forum in Halifax, Canada, as reported by Estonian public broadcaster, ERR.
“A trusted, allied relationship will be developed between the countries,” the French Minister said.
“Estonian and French soldiers have been united in brotherhood during the combat operations in Africa.  We recognize that now we have to invest in the defense of Europe by increasing the military presence of NATO in the Baltic Sea region and especially in neighboring NATO-member countries,” Hanso noted.
The Estonian Defense Minister also stressed the importance of bilateral cooperation in cyberspace, and in May an exclusive agreement was signed by Hanso and Le Drianto between France and Estonia.
A French unit with heavy …