In a statement released by the Ministry of Defence on Wednesday, Michael Fallon said: “The UK will send 800 personnel to Estonia as one of four framework battalions to NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence, to which France and Denmark will contribute further troops”.
Last month, the UK promised to send an array of military equipment including drones, tanks and armoured vehicles – as well as 800 additional soldiers – to Estonia to join Nato forces already operating in the country.
At July’s Nato Summit in Warsaw, the military alliance agreed to send multinational forces to Eastern European countries including Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland.
The eastern European nations requested more Nato troops to bolster their defences against any potential Russian threat following Moscow’s annexation of the Crimea region of Ukraine in 2014.
Although Russia has repeatedly claimed it is not involved in the Ukrainian conflict, Nato remains concerned about the threat of Russian military intervention.
Nato …