A right-wing propaganda group led by one of Donald Trump’s top propagandists recently launched a campaign called ‘Stop Elon From Failing Again’. According to their manifesto, the initiative aims to stop Elon Musk from “defrauding” American taxpayers through his companies, Tesla and SpaceX.
The effort is backed by conservative public relations specialists and Trump insiders that are funded by fossil fuel interests. Unsurprisingly, it is full of misinformation about Tesla, electric vehicles, and solar energy.
The group ‘Citizens for the Republic’ was first launched by Ronald Reagan in the 70s, but was dismantled after his presidency. Laura Ingraham, a conservative pundit and top Trump propagandist during the election through her radio show and TV appearances, led the relaunch of the group as a political action committee (PAC) last year.
Ingraham is now the National Chairman of the organization that just launched the campaign against Musk and his companies.
They market themselves as being against “the entire …