Hamburg airport in Germany has started using diesel fuels made from discarded and residue materials, according to the Finnish company Neste Oil Oyj, the supplier of the fuels. Neste says the fuels will be used in the airport’s diesel-powered ground fleet, and their use is seen by the airport authorities as a way “to significantly reduce” the facility’s carbon footprint.
Part of the airport’s ground fleet had already been powered by alternative energy sources, says Neste. The switch to renewables will now be completed with heavy-duty vehicles, such as aircraft tugs and fire-fighting vehicles, adopting the fuel. Neste says Hamburg Airport is “the first major international airport in the world to replace all fossil fuels with renewables in its entire diesel-powered ground fleet.”
“We are very pleased to support Hamburg Airport in its transformation towards becoming fossil-free,” says Neste’s Kaisa Hietala, executive vice president of renewable products. “It is always a joy …