The China-U.S. relationship is “too big to fail” and President-elect Donald Trump shares an obligation to make sure ties between the world’s two largest economies improve and never worsen, the Communist Party’s People’s Daily newspaper said.
The party’s flagship newspaper said in an editorial Tuesday that the importance of China’s relationship with the U.S. was self-evident and any breakdown in ties could result in global “disaster.” The piece reiterated President Xi Jinping’s message in a post-election telephone call with Trump last week that cooperation was the only correct choice for managing ties.
“It’s not hard to predict that a cooperative China-U.S. relationship will bring huge benefits across the globe,” the paper said. “However, if the two nations became entangled in friction, and even in confrontations, it will be a disaster to the two countries and the world.”
The editorial represented China’s latest effort to shore up ties with its largest trading partner in the wake …