A pair of Chinese companies are building a solar power plant right next to the site of the infamous Chernobyl nuclear reactor.
State-controlled companies China National Complete Engineering Corp (CNCE) and GCL System Integration Technology plan to build the solar plant in the 1,000-square mile exclusion zone of forest and marshland that surrounds the Chernobyl reactor.
It’s part of a Chinese government plan to use heavily polluted areas for solar and wind power projects. CNCE and GCL plan to start building the Chernobyl solar plant next year.
“There will be remarkable social benefits and economic ones as we try to renovate the once damaged area with green and renewable energy,” Shu Hua, the chairman of the GCL System Integration Technology, said in a press release.
The plant will generate roughly 1,000 megawatts of energy at peak capacity, enough to power about 164,000 homes. However, the plant will almost certainly generate only about 20 percent …